Radiant Harmony Lamp

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Radiate joy and spread harmonious vibes with this vibrant one-of-a-kind lamp, handcrafted by Harmony for Hope resident artist Karen Leathers. The purple peace sign base seamlessly blends boho-chic style with uplifting energy. The showstopping lampshade features repurposed iridescent pink beads intermingled with shimmering white hearts and butterflies – radiating a warm, inviting glow. Support local artistic expression while elevating your sacred spaces.

Immerse yourself in the convergence of Appalachian artistry and uplifting energy with the “Radiant Harmony Lamp” by resident artisan Karen Leathers. This one-of-a-kind creation masterfully preserves the vibrant spirit and resourceful heritage of West Virginia’s coal country.

The lamp’s sturdy base forms an iconic purple peace sign – a powerful symbol of unity that has endured through generations in the Mountains. But it’s the radiant lampshade that truly captivates. Karen painstakingly repurposed iridescent pink beads, intermingling them with shimmering white hearts and butterflies originally from a cherished necklace.

With each flip of the switch, this lamp casts a warm, uplifting glow that reminds you of the resilient artistry flourishing in Appalachia’s hollows. As the iridescent beads and whimsical charms shimmer, they evoke a sense of hope taking flight.

The “Radiant Harmony Lamp” is more than an illumination source – it’s a preserved expression of Karen’s passion for her craft and the transformative journey of finding light through creativity. This timeless piece embraces the region’s heritage while elevating raw materials into an inspirational objet d’art.

Allow the radiant harmony of this lamp to energize your living spaces while celebrating the enduring talents and spirit of Appalachia’s makers. Each purchase empowers local artisans like Karen and helps preserve their timeless artistry for generations to come.


Black base, purple painted wood peace sign, repurposed iridescent pink beads and iridescent white heart/butterfly beads for shade


6 ft cord, on/off switch, uses 25-60W max bulb (not included)


Wipes clean with dry cloth. Use 25-60W max bulb.


Handcrafted in West Virginia, USA


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