Oakvale Area Outeach Team (OAOT)

The Oakvale Area Outreach Team began as a chapter of Harmony’s Kids of West Virginia, a youth program under Harmony for Hope, Inc.

Over time, it grew into a subsidiary organization, broadening its scope to address diverse community needs while maintaining its focus on youth empowerment through music, art.

About Us

The OAOT traces its roots back to Harmony’s Kids of West Virginia, a youth-focused arts & heritage education program established by H4H.

History and Background

Recognizing the need to extend its reach to underserved areas, Harmony for Hope launched a new Harmony’s Kids chapter in Oakvale under the leadership of Debra June Williby-Walker, who now serves as the Executive Director of the Oakvale Area Outreach Team.

Evolution from Harmony's Kids

As the Oakvale chapter of Harmony’s Kids gained momentum, it became evident that the community had a broader range of needs beyond music education. In response, the chapter evolved into the Oakvale Area Outreach Team, a subsidiary organization within the Harmony for Hope umbrella. While still maintaining its core focus on youth empowerment through the arts, the team expanded its mission to encompass various community development initiatives and social support services.

Core Values and Commitment

The Oakvale Area Outreach Team is guided by a strong set of core values that reflect its unwavering commitment to the Oakvale community. 

These values include:

Our Programs

Harmony's Kids

Engage and empower children in the Oakvale community through various artistic, recreational, and community service activities.

Youth Choir
Active Southern WV Hike Club
Beautification Projects
Community Park Mural
Traveling Art Exhibition
Christmas Assistance

Oakvale Area Outreach Team

Support & empower low-income & elderly residents in the Oakvale area through community service initiatives.

Yard Maintenance

Assisting low-income and elderly residents with mowing their yards and maintaining their outdoor spaces.

House Renovations

Providing labor for major house renovations for those in need, as long as the property owner supplies the necessary materials.

Sunshine Baskets

Distributing baskets filled with essential items and treats to families going through crises, offering support and encouragement during challenging times.

Community Resource Fairs

Hosting regular events that bring together various resources and services to support the needs of the Oakvale community.

Success Stories and Impact Highlights

Traveling Art Exhibit

The traveling art exhibition, featuring the work of over 90 West Virginia artists, has successfully toured various communities across the state and has been prominently displayed at the state capitol. It is now on its way to being featured at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C., bringing national recognition to the talent and creativity of West Virginia's artists.

Christmas In Oakvale

Through the Christmas assistance program, Harmony's Kids has been able to provide joy and happiness to countless children and families who would otherwise struggle during the holiday season. The program's impact is felt throughout the community, as it brings people together in a spirit of generosity and support.


The Oakvale Area Outreach Team's efforts have significantly improved the quality of life for low-income and elderly residents in the area. By providing essential services such as yard maintenance, house renovations, and food baskets, the team has eased the burdens faced by many in the community and has fostered a strong sense of neighborly support and care.

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It’s easy to become a member of the Oakvale Area Outreach Team. Click the link below to access the H4H team member registration form. As soon as you complete the form an OAOT team leader will be in touch. 

A Lens Into Local Outreach

The Oakvale Area Outreach Team (OAOT) shines a beacon of hope through their vital home improvements, food assistance, and community beautification efforts.Fuel their mission of uplifting neighbors in need by donating today. Your generous contribution will empower OAOT’s extraordinary movement of local compassion and lasting impact.



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