Harmony for Hope presents

The Oakvale Area Outreach Team

Our Goals

The Oakvale Area Outreach Team is dedicated to promoting healthy family outcomes, as well as offering help, hope, and change … one person at a time!

Get Involved

Oakvale Area Community Members are Invovled in:

Community Cleanups

Teaming up with Brady Walker and The Love Where You Live – Keep Mercer Clean Campaign!

Sunshine Baskets

Whether it’s a death, bouts with depression, or any other circumstances that often leave us discouraged or troubled, it is our desire these baskets will spread HOPE. Each basket will contain 7 wrapped items to open in a week’s time to help others get through their day knowing others care. 

Blessing Box

All of us need a hand up from time to time. Stop by the Oakvale Area Outreach Box if you have enough to give, and pick up something if you are ever in need.  

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We need You


With leaders who put in work beyond the minimum requirements and have the wherewithal to wake up early and stay up late to motivate others there is MORE THAN ENOUGH room for your help. 

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