Harmony for Hope, Inc.

Uniting West Virginia with music, art, and Appalachian heritage

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Music, Art & Appalachian Heritage

Together we are meeting the needs of West Virginia communities

Harmony for Hope harnesses the power of music, art, and Appalachian heritage to uplift and empower our communities. Through innovative programs that celebrate our rich cultural tapestry, we foster a sense of unity, pride, and belonging. From preserving cherished traditions to embracing new artistic expressions, we create spaces where our diverse voices can resonate in harmony, igniting hope and driving positive change. Together, we weave a vibrant tapestry that not only honors our roots but also paves the way for a brighter, more inclusive future for all.

H4H Community Centered Programs

Mount Hope Regional Band

The Mount Hope Regional Band, formerly the Mount Hope Alumni Band founded in 2011, provides opportunities for community music engagement while working towards performing at the renovated Fayette County Community Arts Center.​

Oakvale Area Outreach Team

The Oakvale Area Outreach Team’s annual beautification project, supported by Harmony for Hope through donation drives, makes a positive impact on the Oakvale community by providing home improvements and food assistance.

Harmony's Kids

Harmony’s Kids game nights, held in collaboration with Retro Reset, allow local youth to engage in interactive, community-building experiences that instill pride in their Appalachian heritage.

H4H Community Centered Projects

Fayette County Community Arts Center

will serve as a vibrant community hub featuring a gallery space, a conference room and the home for the Mount Hope Regional Band, a Free Community Makers space featuring Yurway Furniture, and the trailhead for the Mount Hope Historic Walking Trail. .​

Historic Mount Hope

Delve into Historic Mount Hope’s rich heritage through an interactive trail where QR codes unveil captivating multimedia stories at each signpost, providing an extraordinary glimpse into the area’s fascinating past and allowing history to come alive in vivid detail.

Coming Soon!

2025 promises to be a vibrant celebration of community, culture, and innovation, commencing with enchanting events that will breathe new life all throughout the New River Region of West Virginia. ​

Harmony for Hope, Inc.

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H4H Sponsors

Support Harmony for Hope’s transformative community initiatives by becoming a sponsor and amplifying the impact of our programs celebrating music, art, and Appalachian cultural heritage.

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